Tuesday, June 5, 2007

How To Use Blog Commenting To Get Backlinks

Using other people blogs to get backlinks is not as hard as you may be thinking now. But how should you go about doing it, you are probably wondering now.

Firstly, go to google.com and do a search for niche +blogs and you will find a list of blog sites that is related to the niche site that you have.

View through the top 10 listing of the search results. Click through and go to those niche blog sites. Look at what they had posted. Whenever you think that you can make a meaningful and useful comment, go ahead to put a comment to it. You can also put a backlink via anchor text for the keyword you are trying to optimize for your web page.

Do this for the rest of the 9 blog sites. And do it for 1 month. You will definitely see tremendous results in your search engine rankings. To find out more about getting backlinks for your site, go to see ambatchmasterpublisher now.